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More Time for New Family Traditions, like Volunteering

Many of the autumn traditions that serve as the foundation of your family time together — your kids’ sports seasons, recitals, concerts, and theatrical performances, to name a few – have been put on hold. But as always, there’s a silver lining: You now have time to start new traditions. Take, for example, volunteering as…

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Green Tea – The Miracle Worker

As the single most consumed beverage in the world behind water, all teas, except for herbal teas, are brewed from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush. The oxidation level of the leaves then determines the actual type of tea. Green tea is one of the most nutritious and health-promoting teas made from unoxidized leaves. It…

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8 Anti-Aging Hacks for Youthful Skin

Let's face it; we all age. And while there's no way to deter the natural aging process that comes with time, there are definitely ways to slow it down and prevent the unmistakable signs of our chronological age. Although these tips are not difficult to implement, it will require a bit of work to institute…

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Fiber and Gut Bacteria – Underrated Besties

Your digestive tract is home to a thriving community of bacteria numbering in the trillions. (significantly more than the number of cells in the body!) Their health impact is remarkable, influencing the way we think, how we feel, our quality of sleep, and a myriad of health conditions. It seems as though Hippocrates was right…

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The Happiness Factor: 5 Ways to Get More of It

We all strive to be “happy and healthy,” yet both can be elusive and even subjective. How one person describes their level of happiness might seem snooze-worthy to someone else. So how do we figure out what really makes us happy? And what is happiness anyway? First, let’s start with a simple definition. Happiness is…

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Composting 101: Tips to Make Composting Easy

Have you ever considered putting your food scraps to good use by composting them? It’s not as complicated as you may think. Composting is an economical way to recycle food and plant waste and provide a little extra TLC to your garden. How to get started First, decide on the type of container to use….

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Three Strategies for Better Sleep

Next to the benefits of a healthy diet, sleep is one of the most essential requirements for maintaining optimal physical and mental wellbeing. Individuals who have normal and consistent sleep patterns benefit from increased longevity, improved brain health, higher HDL levels, and healthy blood sugar levels. This is no big surprise because sleep restores you…

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EMF Exposure in Your Home

Most of us depend on modern technology to simplify our lives. Think of electronic key fobs that unlock our car doors and Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras that keep us feeling safe.  Although convenient, our dependence on these devices comes with a price. And unfortunately, it’s a high price entirely invisible to the naked eye. EMFs or…

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It’s Time to Let the Sunshine In!

Did you know that the average house collects a shocking 40 pounds of dust per year? Dust is more than just the thin layer of dirt you see accumulating on your dining room table. Common household dust contains a variety of particles, many of them microscopic, including airborne bacteria that can actually make us sick….

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