An athlete, hip replacement patient, and someone who’s been in a car accident may have completely different needs for bodywork. Because of these differences, we will customize your visits with your specific needs in mind.
Kendra is well versed in full body massage, bodywork for injuries, trigger point therapy, and deep myofascial massage.
Because a clinical massage is focused on relieving a medical need, it differs in how it is performed. In our office Kendra will work on you during your Chiropractic or Acupuncture visit under the guidance of the Doctors. It is a team approach. Kendra can give valuable feedback as to trigger points, scar tissue, shortened tissues, and muscle imbalances. This form of bodywork is goal-oriented and specific to your condition.
She is also scheduled full body massage directly and yes you can schedule to add a half-hour or hour massage with any of our other services.


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